Cultivate Personal Peace

Personal Peace Jani McCarty
When we love ourselves, we don’t hurt ourselves and we don’t hurt other people.
— Louise Hay

Whether these words hit home on a personal level or are far reaching in a global perspective, Louise Hay’s message is clear & powerful.  

The recent tragic events in Paris have annihilated our sense of safety and our ability to comprehend such darkness.  We look out there to our humanity in disbelief & fear while we struggle for answers. How can we end this madness? What can one person possibly do?

For some, the impending Thanksgiving holiday generates a similar trigger of restlessness, sadness, or anxiety. Both of these events can contribute to that disconnected place where we feel powerless.

We may find ourselves straddling between thoughts of oppressive holidays in the past and anticipating what this years’ gathering might hold. Our focus is out of whack ~ out of alignment.

In dealing with any disturbing or uncomfortable experience, each of us has the power to make a difference. The peace & charity we want in our lives & in our world begins with loving & accepting what is…  

When we treat ourselves with Love & kindness, we can demonstrate compassion to the world.

When we let go of judging ourselves from our limiting beliefs, we can practice allowing others to be who they are.

When we let go of unrealistic expectations of ourselves & others, we find a peaceful presence to experience the gifts of the moment.

When we acknowledge our feelings as they surface, the intensity of their energy can dissipate & move out. We can trust ourselves & our awareness.

When we let go of our resentment, we become willing to forgive. 

And when we forgive ourselves & others, we can celebrate the freedom that comes from Love & acceptance.

Ponder This:

What are you willing to let go of to cultivate your personal peace?

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