Celebrate! An Interactive Journey Thru Life's Invitations
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Jani McCarty - Author, Speaker, Transformational Teacher and Coach

With our finite scrutiny, Life's adventure can at times appear to be much more of a threat than an invitation. Even so, we do not need to figure anything out or try harder to find our joy and happiness.

The truth is we have only to trust! When we let go of our perceived limitations we free the fear that still harbors within us from childhood.

We are not here to prove anything! We've been given this Life to learn to unveil ourselves and to shine our brilliant light!

What if you could live out your greatest dreams by simply shifting your Life perspective? What if you already possess the power to heal your wounds and to be happy?

Join this interactive journey to celebrate Life and experience a deeper acceptance of yourself. Ponder and embrace your relationship with courage, focus, integrity, compassion, presence, surrender and gratitude.


"With gorgeous illustrations and stylistic panache, Celebrate! is a joyful journey of discovery. Addressing topics that can seem challenging, this book offers readers a way to grapple with life's realities, while showing the creative possibilities inherent in each of us. Jani's profound wisdom, packaged with straightforward language and provocative exercises, make the perfect starting point to embrace your inner greatness. This book is for everyone who wants to experience more peace, joy, and Good in life."

-Rev. Dr. Judy Morley, Executive Director Intuitively Speaking, LLC







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