A Thankful Voice

Thankful leaves
Gratitude is the memory of the heart.
— Jean Baptiste Massieu

Since I was a kid, I have enjoyed writing as a way to express myself.  Journaling, jotting down quotes, & recording mental insights have always brought me home. Home to where my heart remembers, home to the present.

The format of an acrostic poem has been a favorite of mine. I love the structure it provides to focus my thoughts & script my message. As I turn my attention to this month of November, I “see” the word grateful.


G ~ Gratitude is a choice, an attitude, a practice. It is a “state of being,” which has its roots in the present ~ where God exists.

R ~ Running water invites me to be present. In taking my shower or washing my hands, I focus on & honor those who cannot enjoy this luxury.

A ~ Acceptance illuminates & expands my present consciousness. It unleashes my resistance & allows me to flow effortlessly in the rhythm of Life.

T ~ Trust is the venue where truth shines light. It’s a place on a dark path where I can stand in faith. It is my memory of connection & the voice of my inner wisdom.

E ~ Energy = Life. Spirit. Movement. Passion. Power!

F ~ Freedom to be authentically me. Free to show up, contribute, & receive love from my family, friends, furry companions & Mother Nature.

U ~ Unlimited. Infinite possibilities & potential. I create my Life how I want it to be from my own perspective of the present moment.

L ~ Love is all there is right here, right now. Abundant, consistent, & unconditional. And because you’re right here reading this, I hold you gratefully in my heart!

Ponder This:

When you think of gratitude, what does your heart want you to see?

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