Impatience is a Clue

Impatience is a Clue

“When I feel impatient - it is because I have a powerful desire - that I haven’t come into alignment with yet.”  ~Abraham/Hicks

Impatience. I know the feeling. In fact, impatience has become a driving force & a weighted anchor in my Life. Feeling impatient can be nerve wracking, frustrating, & annoying.

When I feel impatient, I hold my Breath. Impatience is where my “mistrust of Life” lives. When I experience the feeling of impatience it is because I am unsatisfied with some aspect of my Life in the moment.  

I need to get beyond what’s limiting me. And the more I need to “get there” the more impatient I feel. The more hurried I get, the more behind I become.

My feeling of impatience surfaces in a response to my ego. I “need” something I don’t have yet. Whatever I want is not coming to me fast enough, in the way I want it to, or in a format I can recognize. 

Louise Hay tells us “that everything happens in the perfect time/space sequence.” When I resist this idea, I project my focus into the future. I desperately want what’s out there to be here now. Maybe I’m just not ready to experience that yet… 

Pay attention the next time you notice you are feeling impatient. What are you feeling impatient about? What message could this feeling be offering you? 

Could it be a clue to some unrest that lies within you at the moment? Could you make a decision to “let go of needing” whatever that is? Give yourself permission to be patient with yourself and the situation.


What is one situation in your Life where you felt impatient and later recognized what that impatience was showing you?

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