The Fortune in Friendship

jani mccarty
Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive; and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born!
— Anais Nin

Isn’t it amazing how with over 7 billion people on planet Earth we can all come together on a single shared journey? Along the way, we are fortunate to cross paths with those special people we call friends. Can you think of a friend who has brought fortune into your Life?

As I reflect upon my Life, I see that my experiences have been enriched by the people I’ve met along the way. 

One of my childhood friendships spans over 55 years of memories, shared adventures, & Life events. From kindergarten to becoming Grandmothers, my friend & I continue to celebrate our bond of mutual affection! We know a world that birthed our mischievous antics as kids, as well as, our love affair with horses. 

There were those special friends who navigated high school with me. Through the challenges of adolescence and the adventures of defining ourselves with our place in the world, we thought we were lost.

It is the serendipity of friendships that stimulate a new culture within us. 

The sub-culture of college in the 70’s was a new world. I believe it was one of the most exciting & revolutionary periods of our history. With the influence & encouragement of friends, I leapt blindly into taking risks to experience Life with a fierce new resolve! We rocked the world together rallying to support a cause or nursing a cure.

Each of my friends represents a new world of fortune within me. Each fortune I have received has been unique & priceless. 

Probably one of the greatest fortunes I have experienced are the friendships born on my path of sobriety. The world of recovery is a common arena where unlikely companions find support & new hope for their destiny. It is “living in the solution” with others that truly makes the difference.

And in recent years, I recognize those friends who have met me in grief. As we support & allow each other to experience loss & then acceptance, together we find promise of a new world. . .


Can you think of a friend who has brought fortune into your Life?

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