The HOW of Resolution

Crater Lake Falls

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” ~Albert Einstein 

Do you think Albert Einstein meant that our troubles are of our own making?  Could he be challenging us to to look to our own thinking for the culprit?  Consider whether in our judgement of Life’s events, situations, circumstances, or relationships, we transfer our perceived limitations and fear onto that which we conceive as a problem?

Solving the problems we create in our lives needn’t be so ominous. When we understand how to resolve challenging issues, it can become a matter of just taking the next right step. 

HOW is an acronym for honest, open, and willing. Being honest means being truthful, sincere, straightforward. Honest in our thinking clears away fabrication and embellishment bringing forth our “true thoughts”.

Being open-minded offers that we are unbiased, objective and flexible.  Deciding to be open to something new or different gives way to the next message of direction or solution just waiting for it’s opportunity.

Then, being willing to change.  Willing means ready, eager, and agreeable.  In our willingness, we are prepared to do something, to take action!  And because of our honesty and open-mindedness, that action generally creates our resolution. 

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Ponder This:

Just for fun or perhaps in choosing forward movement, look at the different aspects of your Life. Where do you perceive a problem? Choose one to focus on and hold this problem in mind.

What solution do you find when you allow yourself to be honest, open-minded, and willing? 

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