The Key to Happiness

Jani-BearLake Victory

“The key to happiness is not to make yourself into a different person; it is to let yourself be more of who you really are.” ~Dr. Robert Holden

Making myself different sounds like such challenging work, yet letting myself be, reminds me of John Lennon and of a time in my Life when I was adventurous, creative and excited about moving forward in self expression. Funny how cyclic Life can be. Today, my passion to grow, change, and live authentically thrives.   

I still can do a cartwheel and at (almost) 61, this is something I am very proud of. In fact, the next time we meet if you’d like to see for yourself, just ask and that little kid in me, will most likely comply. 

Teaching, mentoring and coaching others to “let themselves be,  brings me joy and affirms my sense of purpose. I am excited to share my evolving expression with my new website, and of course with this new Celebrate blog format.  

I’ve made a decision (which is the first step to choosing change) to share Celebrate with you on the 1st and 3rd Friday mornings of each month.

Thanks to all who have responded to Celebrate over the years. I always appreciate hearing how my topic inspires, reminds, or empowers you in your Life experience.  Now you can choose to click on the link below in Ponder This to make your comments directly to my blog and to share with others!

Another way to Claim Your Freedom and allow yourself to be ~ is to join me in my introductory transformational workshop, Freedom to Change Stems from Within.

Ponder This:

What is one way you can acknowledge who you really are in the coming week?

Share your reflection in the comment section below.