The Art of Extreme Self Care

art of extreme self care

I met Cheryl Richardson at a magical event in Tucson AZ. She had partnered up with Louise Hay, both in coauthoring their book, You Can Create An Exceptional Life and in facilitating our women's retreat sharing the same message. 

The loving banter and flow between Cheryl and Louise created a supportive and fun environment. They encouraged us to examine our beliefs, behavior patterns, and attitudes in our thinking. They inspired us to entertain new and limitless possibilities for enhancing the quality of our lives.

 At the time of this retreat, I was fully immeshed in sharing with my two sisters, the care for our ill and grieving Father. "Taking care of myself" was a vague concept as I juggled living three different places and struggled to maintain some sense of personal balance. I was still reeling from my Mother's death a year and a half earlier, and felt lost, alone and empty.

 So when Cheryl Richardson introduced her new book, The Art of Extreme Self Care, Transform Your Life One month at a Time, I was intrigued.

 As women, we are accustomed to multi-tasking and demonstrating by our actions, whose needs we value most. Although we might have our hair or nails done, make it to our annual doctor's appointments, or squeeze exercise into our over extended schedules; we generally have limited experience with focusing on truly caring for ourselves!

We deprive ourselves, act on "yes' when we really mean "no", care for others to the extent we neglect ourselves, hide behind obligation or fear of rejection, sometimes martyr ourselves and erode our self-esteem by tolerating other's inappropriate behavior.

Cheryl Richardson's The Art of Extreme Self-Care, Transform Your Life One Month at a Time, is a life-changing handbook that offers us 12 strategies to transform our lives, one month at a time. She designed it as a practical, action-oriented program, with each chapter challenging us to alter one behavior that keeps us separate from the rich, rewarding lives we are meant to live.

Although this book certainly can be read and practiced alone, I know most of us are more likely to embrace something new with the support and encouragement of others. In creating this workshop and tele course, I utilized Cheryl's book as our foundation, added my own insights, experiences and exercises, and included a monthly 60 minute coaching session to provide you personal support.

 "The practice of Extreme Self-Care forces us to make choices and decisions

that honor and reflect the true nature of our soul."

~ Cheryl Richardson

This Art of Extreme Self-Care program will inspire you to dismantle your self-sabotaging behavior and empower you ~ to focus on making creative and necessary changes ~ that daily support loving and caring for yourself.

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