Opportunity of Choice

forest path

I was flipping through one of my journals this week and found an entry I made March 1, 2012. During that time I traveled back and forth from Denver to Scottsdale quite a bit, spending time with my Dad and sharing in his care with my sisters.

Each plane trip offered me a transitional bridge between what felt like "my two lives". I relished flying by myself, as it was a designated time owned only by me. I've learned that whenever we are in a position of caregiver, the freedom to be alone with our thoughts, or the privilege of just sitting, offering nothing, is a rare and treasured reprieve.

"Sitting on the plane, ready to take off. It has been a congested, prolonged boarding. In my quiet observation, I noticed how we all have a choice- a choice on how to respond... (react or resist) - to the energy of this activity.

There are those passengers who demonstrate their impatience, irritation and judgment at the source of any delay. Some appear frustrated by conditions outside of their control. Still, others chat critically of the process and of the culprits they deem responsible for the problem. And there is the additional route taken by several passengers who freely focus on fueling their own energy to the upset 

Isn't an "opportunity of choice" presented at every juncture or human interaction?"

We make choices every moment of the day and regarding every aspect of our lives. Whether we are even conscious of the choices we make, is a choice in itself. Life is a continuous offering of events, relationships and situations. How we respond ~ determines and creates our personal life experience. We are free to choose to take responsibility for that, or not! 

Underlining every moment is our choice of attitude. As human beings, we have been given free will. It is our birthright to choose what we think, believe and how we respond to our world. We can even choose how we feel or what level of health we experience. Now that statement could activate a few of us!

Our opportunity of choice spans our decision to become aware, as well as, our choice to remain ignorant. We can choose to be:

  • kind or inconsiderate
  • generous or greedy
  • complimentary or critical
  • engaged or unattached
  • fair or unjust
  • energetic or lethargic
  • loving or cruel

Viewing our lives as an "opportunity of choice" can be empowering. It can also be a bit unsettling to recognize it is our every decision that paints the canvas of our lives.

In the margin of my journal entry I'd written one of the quotes I like from Jim Rohn, "Indecision is the theft of opportunity"

It reminded me of a little parable I'd heard years ago.

"Not to decide, is to decide!"

Hum...Sounds to me like another "opportunity of choice"!