Shine On Sister

Shine On Sister

There is nothing so powerful as a woman who knows her worth
and revels in the wild magic that glows within her.
— Denise Linn

In yoga practice, Allan invited us to listen for our intention. I centered joyfully to repeat my mantra:  I flow freely without judgement…

I experienced a deep sense of contentment as the energy of my body clearly aligned with my mantra. I flow freely without judgement…

 In my Life there have been many moments where I have flowed freely. And over the years there have been times, perhaps not as often, when I truly experienced Life without judging myself or others.

 So to root down deeply in the flow of Life, void of any lingering sense of judgement, is a true freedom worth celebrating!

 My focus word for 2019 is “expansion.” The past four months, I’ve been diligently honest, open-minded and willing to actively embrace whatever Life has offered me in support of that.

 My expansion started in January with the 4th annual Women Creating Our Futures conference held in Lone Tree Colorado. After three years of looking at it and wanting to go, I went his year. Inspired and motivated, I committed to an intensive weekly MasterMind for the next three months.

It was a valuable transformational journey led by two inspiring, authentic, passionate women, Cynthia James and Jean Hendry. The exercises were stimulating and extremely challenging. The camaraderie of the group further supported me in clarifying what is truly important to me in my Life.

I learned to acknowledge and honor my own brilliance, my “spirit spark” and to reinvest in my unique contribution!

I learned choosing to grow can be the ultimate adventure when you travel with trusted leaders and a safe sacred tribe.

What I want you to know is by being willing and committed to examine my Life, to ask myself the really hard questions, and to shine outside the parameters of my conditioning, I am able to flow freely without judgement. I am free to celebrate my Life! 

And I know this to be true for all of us…

My Brilliance Statement

I am a spiritual Being courageously, enthusiastically, illuminating
Beauty, Joy, and Love in the world!

 by Being a loyal playful friend,
a fair assertive leader,
an inspiring authentic teacher, and
an intuitive, compassionate, empathetic coach,

 I empower others to reconnect with themselves
and to Celebrate their Life!