There is a force in the Universe, which if we
permit it,
will flow through us and produce
miraculous results.
— Ghandi

Yesterday I took my daughter’s dog, Ali May, out for a walk in the woods. It was a bit nippy yet the promise of Spring shown through the breaks in the tree cover and welcomed us as we found a path, mostly free of snow…

As is true every time I intentionally connect with nature, my body felt strong and healthy, my senses were alert and my heart opened to take it all in.

As we picked our way through fallen tree branches and still snowy and icy patches, my breath deepened and my outside thoughts… quieted.

 The woods have a vibrational rhythm of their own. 

The aroma of the wet earth filled my nostrils with a delicious mix of soggy pine needles and new undergrowth. It made my mouth water.

The deer herd was gracious and trusting as we moved quietly along their Winter paths, careful to leave as little imprint as possible.

Ali and I paused often to breathe in our surroundings. We observed how the ground squirrels flitted about with their usual enthusiasm, excited for a new day of adventure.

The birds kept watch over us, the Ravens squawking when we approached and others singing to us sweetly as we made our way.

We stopped in surprise as several geese flew overhead repeating their powerful woohoov, woohoov sound with their wings.

Everywhere I looked Winter’s dormant world was awakening with the birth of new Life and movement. This shift was embraced and accepted naturally without judgement or restraint. I thought about how we, like Nature, follow the cycle of the seasons as well.

I reflected upon my Winter hibernation. Feeling safe and sheltered from the cold and dark, I had hunkered down in my introspection. When I let go of my resistance, I could see the parts of me that had served their purpose.

I experienced the dying off and the passing of an old season within.

Ali and I stood at a fork in the trees. She was content to sniff an interesting stump while I paused to breathe and reflect upon which direction to take.

Then I started to laugh! I couldn’t contain myself! My joy-full heart and this fork in our path reminded me of a Universal truth.

We are always free to choose the direction we take in Life. Every fork we encounter offers options for us to consider. When we listen with our heart, our highest way is always revealed, often as clearly, as the cadence of our step.


What part of you does Nature support you to reveal?