Pathway to our Heart

Jani pine tree heart leaf.jpg

We travel through the endless 

corridors of our mind,

Until one day, we find a pathway that leads 

to our Heart.

~Toni Carmine Salerno

Our minds can often be like a maze.  So when we enter alone, unarmed or without direction, we can very well be led to that dark rabbit hole Alice found herself in.

When we venture in without intention or focus, it is easy to slip into a downhill flow of dark confusion. And if we think ourselves clever, we sometimes join the committee already assembled ~ to take our place at the helm.

Eagerly, we ride the familiar, mental groove, round and round, while secretly hoping for clarity and new insight! 

What if we could just choose a different fork in the road?

Could it be that simple?

Could we learn to quiet ourselves; to silence the chatter?

Could we release our insanity just by practicing intentional Breathing?

Most solutions in this world are simple.  Simple. . .yet our resistance makes their implementation ~far from easy!

I have learned through my own experience that focusing on my Breath is always the way out!  Shifting my attention to my breathing allows me a reprieve, a step off the old merry go round, and a realignment of sorts. 

Intentionally breathing is as simple (and easy) as making a decision to do it.  Try it!  The next time you become aware of feeling agitated or confused; Stop!  Inhale deeply, exhale, then inhale again.

Try it for three breaths.  Ah... nice...  

For the present moment you've come home to your Heart ~ that center of your being where all of your intentions ~ can manifest.  And so it is. 

"I create easily and effortlessly when I let my thoughts come from the loving space of my heart."  - Louise Hay