Honoring Our Freedom

Jani in the forest

The Fourth of July, commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the United Kingdom. 

This weekend, millions of American's will again observe our nation's Independence Day. 

Celebrations will include barbecues, parades, U.S. flags, Freedom Runs, patriotic gatherings,  firework displays, eating, drinking and coming together with families and friends. 

Most of us remember the origins of this federal holiday. However today, may we pay tribute to the countless individuals who continue to accept responsibility, make sacrifices, and commit themselves to preserving our present day freedom and independence. 

May we consciously acknowledge them, honor their service and express our gratitude!  

Our personal freedom also comes from taking responsibility and action toward liberating ourselves. In order for us to live unencumbered lives, we must be free of the burdens we have chosen to bear. 

Much like the crusades of our nation, it is essential to identify and emancipate ourselves from self imposed deprivation and oppression. 

What are the "action steps" that could liberate us?  

They are the focus and measures we take to systematically release aspects of ourselves and our lives ~that restrict, control or define us.  

How could we benefit from declaring independence from old ways of thinking, non serving beliefs, and destructive behaviors?

With liberation comes greater awareness, clarity of thought and imagination, connection to inner wisdom and Freedom of Being.

This Independence Day, as you celebrate the holiday in your customary way; take a moment to identify one aspect of your life that you are ready to set free. 

Take a deep breath and make a decision to step forward toward honoring that freedom!