The Stuff That Matters

"The most important things in life ~ Aren't things."  ~Anthony J D'Angelo

My sisters & I have been cleaning out our parents home. It is a challenging task of dismantling over 40 years accumulation of furniture, travel mementos, collection of treasures, volumes of photo albums, some clutter, and the energy, emotions and memories embedded in the "things" that reflect their Lives.

The surface stuff is easily dealt with. It's identifiable, light, relatively insignificant yet it serves as a shield for what's hidden beneath.

We work in layers, clearing away the barrier of distraction- the stuff none of us is attached to. Gearing up before each work session, we prepare ourselves for the next go around. Once focused, we're able to systematically make decisions as to the future of each item.

Is it trash? - the clutter, easily bagged, detached, and complete

Or charitable? -another person's treasure, shared with a light heart and dispersed with enthusiasm

Is it worthy of consideration? - causing a lull in the process and qualifying it for yet another evaluation

Could it be meaningful? - a treasured, tangible possession, filled with emotion and memory, anchored in the present

We make good progress in creating piles. We physically move items to the garage or to a corner personally designated for someone's new stuff. However, the energy of our activity diminishes as we plunge into the objects that are meaningful. As in an auction, each item is brought up, evoking memories and stories of our experiences and relationship with it.

We reminisce in laughter, joking and teasing, or shed a tear in lessons learned, reliving the encouragement and love we still feel. Occasionally when we get stuck, whether a hiccup or a cliffhanger, we are reminded in Mother's voice, "No big deal girls, it's just stuff!"

Working on this daunting task with my sisters has generated much introspection. During my quiet drives up and down Bear Creek Canyon, I am alone to process my thoughts and feelings. What I have come to recognize is that this experience is just another metaphor in life's journey.

We are Spiritual beings having a physical, human experience. The Universal Law of Reflection is demonstrated by our inner world living out in the "things and results" of our outer world. This event in my life is the epitome of transformation: the process of letting go, being open to something new, and allowing myself to move forward. It is the cycle of Life!

In keeping with my commitment to self-actualization, what do I do, now, with this new awareness?

What internal stuff am I to be letting go of?

What is the trash of my thoughts?

What am I busy doing for others that is not mine to do?

What have I deemed worthy- about myself or how I show up in the world?

What is truly meaningful?  What is MY significance, integrity, and purpose?


Deep within me, I hear my inner wisdom reminding me ~

shed the superficial, the barrier of things,

and clear the path to what resides,

in my Heart

            ~the stuff that matters...