Success is an Inside Job

5 Questions to Assess, Acknowledge,
and Celebrate your Life in 2018!

Youth strives for outer signs that
demonstrate success.
The sage sees success as an inside job
and has learned to value attitudes
rather than temporary trinkets.

If today you seek to increase your net
financial worth,
you may or may not succeed.
If today you seek
to increase your serenity and wisdom,
I guarantee you will succeed.
— William Martin, The SAGE’S TAO TE CHING

There’s really no magical line that denotes the end of one year and the rolling into the next, except those we’ve created on our calendar pages and spread sheets.

Yet many of us still focus on establishing a measuring stick for time. We engage in a variety of mental gyrations aimed solely at defining this year as a personal success or failure. Our judgement of the year is based on a metering system that evaluates our external world.

In the aftermath of the holiday season, whether we feel joy and peace, or exhaustion and relief, we find ourselves anticipating the promise of a fresh start.

To make any change or transformation, I know it is essential for me to first assess and acknowledge what is true for me now! I do that by shifting my attention within and asking myself questions. 

Self-inquiry (partnered with breath) is the most effective way I know to summon the clarity and guidance of my inner wisdom. The answers that come- help me discern, what about my Life expands me and what aspects have served their purpose and are ready to be shed.

I invite you to ask your inner sage to illuminate a new level of your awareness, to grant you love and acceptance, and to partner with you in the celebration of your Life as reflected in 2018.

Begin by looking at 2018 in retrospect. One at a time,
ask yourself each of the following questions out loud.
After you have asked, take in a deep breath
and be open to receive the answer
that comes with your exhale.



  1. Which of my personal accomplishments brought me the greatest satisfaction and self-respect?

  2. What discovery did I make about myself through my surrender to an aspect of my Life that was painful?

  3. What contribution did I make that elevated the Life of another?

  4. How did I demonstrate taking personal responsibility for my choices and behavior?

  5. As I acknowledge my abundant blessings, for which am I most grateful?


 Thank you for being part of my journey in 2018, for showing up
and for being you!

I wish you love and acceptance, Peace, Joy, and Harmony.