Now is the Best Time!

pines at sunset

"If you are wondering when is the best time to make a change in your Life, remind yourself - any NOW will do."  

~ Robert Holden, Shift Happens!

As December makes its way toward Christmas and the celebration of our savior's birth; many hearts will soften and pause in reflection.  Some will renew their resolve to be more loving, to forgive more readily and to live with greater tolerance and compassion.

And some of us begin to review the ending of another year. We assess our success or analyze where we believe we have fallen short in some way.  

This is also a time for going within, for hibernation, for Winters rest.

Settling into contemplation, we rekindle that inner dialogue with ourselves.

This experience may be uncomfortable for those who have been complacent.  The general direction of this conversation can be more revealing than we're ready for!  

Still, it is in these times of introspection where we receive our gifts of clarity and direction. Our bold message challenges us to wake up, to heed its truth, to make new choices and to take responsible action!

So just for today, I invite you to consider:  

What habit or behavior are you ready to let go of? 

What is it that you want more of  in your Life?

What have you been ignoring or running away from?

What could you do differently to Celebrate your Life?

And when you show up next year. . .Who do you want to be?