My Forgiving Heart

forgiving heart

"Imagine what it would be like to wake up one morning 

and find you have forgiven everyone, 

and have only feelings of appreciation and love for your life." 

- Robert Holden

Now imagine that today, you make a decision to let go of whatever evidence you've been holding onto, against another.

 What if you forgive others for. . . 

  • whatever you perceive they did to you?
  • not knowing what you needed?
  • disappointing you?
  • not acknowledging you?
  • showing up differently than you expected?
  • not having the skills or understanding you wish they did?
  • not being perfect?
  • making mistakes?
  • being unavailable?
  • lashing out in fear and pain?
  • not making you feel. . . loved?

Could you now forgive yourself, the same?

We recognize February as the month of LOVE.  Actually, every month, week, day and moment are of Love.  Yet in seeking Love outside ourselves, we ignore and push away the very source of Love and all its gifts. 

Look today at your relationship with yourself, at the true nature of your Heart.  However you are with others directly reflects this primary relationship you have with yourself.  When you forgive yourself,  you are free to forgive others.  When you love and accept yourself, you easily love and accept others.  Your heart is open to receive all the love that is already yours.The way to unblock ourselves and to release self-bondage ~ is to Forgive. Forgiveness is our path to Love.  When we forgive, we ultimately discover the truth.

LOVE is. . .all there is.