Gratitude for You


At times our own light goes out 

and is rekindled by a spark 

from another person. 


Each of us has cause to think with 

deep gratitude of those who have lighted 

the flame within us. 

~ Albert Schweitzer

I especially like this quote from Albert Schweitzer. It reminds me of the immeasurable influence and power each of us has to lift another. Weeks prior to Thanksgiving, I was focused on past memories and lost in the emptiness without my parents.  I felt swallowed in grief and in longing for my familiar.

Yet everywhere I turned was someone ready to support me, remind me of the truth, or to share their light and love with me in the moment. 

Whether it was a patient ear, an empathetic message, or a loving hug, I sensed a constant energy holding me up and reminding me that life is good.  

I have so much to be grateful for ~ past, Present, and future!

Today I Celebrate my gratitude for you ~ my friends and family. 

Thank you for "being the spark" that reignites my heart, again and again.