Many will stop right here...

...stuck in believing whatever they have discovered is new evidence of who they really are. My goal is to help you remember the truth by teaching you how to release and let go of that which is no longer serving you. You need only to have an open and willing heart to embrace change.

My programs will Liberate you to receive the gifts that are waiting for you in each moment!

What you are is what you have been. What you will be is what you do now.
— Buddha
Jani McCarty

Jani McCarty


My goal is to help you remember your truth by teaching you how to release and let go of that which is no longer serving you. You need only to have an open and willing heart to embrace change.

  • Experience a safe haven of inspiration, compassion, & respect.
  • Receive guidance and structure for your process of self-inquiry & discovery.
  • Learn new tools to release non-serving energies.
  • Become empowered to manifest what you really want in your Life!
  • Individual, couple, or family sessions available via phone, Skype, or in person.
When you choose to create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life, you activate all the parts of your personality that prevent you from creating those things so that you can recognize them and heal them, one by one, choice by choice, decision by decision, as they arise.
— Gary Zukav


Jani is a gifted Transformational Life Coach - not only with The TransCovery Process but in her approach as a facilitator and teacher as well.  She assists in such a way as to gently yet firmly lead while I uncover truths within me.  Her wisdom and abilities to clarify cannot be overstated.  These are invaluable gifts to her clients and I am forever grateful to Jani and to myself for saying ‘yes’ to TransCovery!
— Gayla Lewis
Jani’s compassion, patience, insight and humor have been great assets in my life. She has inspired me to overcome many hurdles and achieve greater satisfaction in many areas of my life. During my relationship with Jani I have become a better husband and father, more successful in my career and more physically, mentally and emotionally fit as a human being. Thank you Jani!
— Chris L.
I find Jani very exciting, very dynamic, articulate, engaging and easy to relate to. Her Life Coaching program has been a phenomenal eye-opener. Jani has given me tools that have affected changes in my life; major profound changes. The best part is that I can use them in my daily practice. I am so grateful to her. Namaste…
— Mary (Evergreen, CO)
Jani McCarty has done a fantastic job of holding me accountable for my needy energy & Ego and helping me to understand how it affects my true self. I’m making great progress where I was “stuck” before. Given that, I could not more highly recommend Jani as a Life Coach.
— Kevin (Lakewood, CO)
freedom to change workshops

Reconnect with your courage, confidence & clarity.

In this transformational workshop, you will be introduced to:
• 3 things that could be keeping you stuck or sabotaging your progress
• Universal Laws that influence your daily Life and how your awareness can focus these powers to your benefit
• Simple, safe, & effective techniques that can change your Life

See how making a decision to do something different can manifest a different result!


Jani McCarty did an excellent job of laying the groundwork for a new approach to affect personal change and healing. While some of the ideas and perspectives were familiar, I learned from her Freedom to Change workshop - there is a kinder, gentler way of making change happen.
— Gayla Lewis

Align Yourself with the Rhythm of the Sister Spirit ❤︎

An intentional journey with like-minded sisters seeking enlightenment, healing & community. We gather monthly from January through June in Evergreen, Colorado. As we Celebrate our strengths, unique gifts, & gracious wisdom, we open ourselves to experience inspiration, support, & empowerment!

Soul Sisters is a heartfelt journey and Jani McCarty is an insightful facilitator. She skillfully crafted a meaningful 6 month exploration of what it means to be a woman. Each month provides a different lens for deep sharing that builds camaraderie. It was truly a journey back home.
— Maggie Smiley,

soul sisters journey

Jan-Jun Journey Includes

• Monthly Soul Sisters Journey 2.5 hr Gathering
• Monthly 1 hr private Coaching session


Love & Light Classroom, Evergreen, CO U.S.A.


Registration Closed
2016 Journey in Process

January 29
Reconnect & Align with Others

February 26
Forgiveness: Our Pathway to Love

March 25
Signature Strengths: Values in Action

April 22
Celebrating our Strengths

May 27
Honoring Mother Energy

June 24
Coming Full Circle