Do you ever wonder why the really important things seem to be just beyond your reach? Why willpower and self-discipline just don’t seem to be enough?

Most of us have some aspect of our lives we wish we could change ~ it may be a career path, a relationship, a health issue or an obvious destructive behavioral pattern.  That familiar feeling of being “stuck”, “dissatisfied” or even “unworthy”, strangles our potential and undermines our well being. 

When we learn to identify what is within us that continues to sabotage our progress, we clarify what we no longer want or are willing to settle for. 

Illuminate means bring out of hiding, demystify or reveal.  When we throw light on those things that are limiting us, we find a new understanding of ourselves, our choices and our responsibility to respond.  

To be empowered to make changes, our first steps are to become aware and accepting of what is!  Next we learn how to let go of whatever is not serving our highest and greatest good.

YES - I want to see what is getting in my own way! I want to let go of being my worst enemy!

YES – I am ready to become the true Hero of my Life! I want to live happy, joyous and Free!

“Happiness is not an accident, nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.”
— Jim Rohn