It is my life purpose to inspire, teach, and empower you to Claim Your Freedom

  Jani McCarty - Author, Speaker, Transformational Teacher and Coach

Jani McCarty - Author, Speaker, Transformational Teacher and Coach

Freedom from self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, & suppressed negative feelings. Freedom to create, express & manifest a Life that reflects your authentic self, what you truly want, & the unique gifts you came here to contribute!

An inward journey towards self-discovery and personal transformation is both fascinating and rewarding. When we reconnect with our true self, we liberate our spirit to live the life we were born to live.

I am passionate about engaging the experience and wisdom of my own transformational journey to intuitively inspire and encourage others to become their greatest selves.  Continue Reading >


Learn to identify what is within you that keeps you stuck or continues to sabotage your progress. Your first step is to Illuminate what you are to let go of. Becoming aware and accepting what you find are the first steps to making changes.


You need only to have an open and willing heart to embrace change. Our programs Liberate you from limitation and allow you to step into the new gifts waiting for you in each moment!


Each moment holds an opportunity for us to honor who we truly are. Read my weekly blog that encourages you to Celebrate all that surrounds you.


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