Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.
— Carl Jung

An Introductory Transformational Workshop

In our search to be happy and to live the Life we dream about, we often research and seek answers from every resource available to us.  There exists a boundless frontier of information and expert advice that can fuel our need to know!  Yet, as Carl Jung reminds us, it is not what we know that holds the answers we seek.

Are you tired of the way you react to people & events in your Life? Are you interested in finding out why you feel “stuck” or sabotage the Life you really want? What if you could tap into your greatest source of joy and freedom?

See how making a decision to do something different can manifest a different result! Learn how to experience confidence and success in your Life when you join Jani McCarty, Transformational Teacher, Mentor, Coach, for this inspiring and empowering workshop.

Discover & Experience 3 Universal Laws that influence your daily Life and how your awareness can focus these powers to your benefit.

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Simple, safe, and effective techniques that can change your Life:

  • Creating an interactive dialogue between your mind and heart.
  • Providing a structure for clarity and direction.
  • Responsibly processingyour fears and negativity.
  • Clearing unwanted patterns from your Life.
  • Quieting your mind, centering your energy, liberating your Spirit!
  • Included in this 6 hour workshop: Workbook, lunch, group exercises, and a 60 minute personal coaching session follow-up


Jani creates a safe space for exploring our inner fears and negative behaviors, then offers tools to overcome those patterns.
— Kim Spelts
This workshop is an opportunity to remember what I knew before, but at this time in my Life, it helped to be reminded that “my freedom to change stems from within.
— Michael Patterson
Everyone should attend this workshop because we all ‘need’ to learn how to process our feelings in this healthy, effective, manner.
— Amy Gilbert
Jani’s confident delivery and shared experiences helped me to delve deeper than I might otherwise. I felt safe in this sacred space Jani has created.
— Sheralyn Austin-Gagne
Jani demonstrated her ability to get to the RAW area’s without making anyone feel ‘judged’ - but rather validated, loved, and accepted, just as we are.
— Deb Green
The possibility of change from what we learned is 100%. No waiting for someone else to get it, step up, or change. It’s all within.
— Lillian Pyrmak
Jani did an excellent job of laying the groundwork for a new approach to effect personal change. She showed me there is a kinder, gentler way of making change happen without self loathing and constant doubt.
— Gayla Lewis
Jani’s ‘Freedom to Change’ workshop came fully loaded with professionally well prepared workbooks and step by step elements guiding us to realizations and new perspectives in living a fulfilling life. But I must say that the best part of Jani’s workshop was being with Jani. Upon completion of our few hours together, I felt uplifted, inspired and as promised transformed.
— Marjie Eakin-Petty