Jani creates a safe space for exploring our inner fears and negative behaviors, then offers tools to overcome those patterns.
— Kim Spelts
This workshop is an opportunity to remember what I knew before, but at this time in my Life, it helped to be reminded that “my freedom to change stems from within.
— Michael Patterson
Everyone should attend this workshop because we all ‘need’ to learn how to process our feelings in this healthy, effective, manner.
— Amy Gilbert
Jani’s confident delivery and shared experiences helped me to delve deeper than I might otherwise. I felt safe in this sacred space Jani has created.
— Sheralyn Austin-Gagne
Jani demonstrated her ability to get to the RAW area’s without making anyone feel ‘judged’ - but rather validated, loved, and accepted, just as we are.
— Deb Green
The possibility of change from what we learned is 100%. No waiting for someone else to get it, step up, or change. It’s all within.
— Lillian Pyrmak
Jani did an excellent job of laying the groundwork for a new approach to effect personal change. She showed me there is a kinder, gentler way of making change happen without self loathing and constant doubt.
— Gayla Lewis
Jani’s ‘Freedom to Change’ workshop came fully loaded with professionally well prepared workbooks and step by step elements guiding us to realizations and new perspectives in living a fulfilling life. But I must say that the best part of Jani’s workshop was being with Jani. Upon completion of our few hours together, I felt uplifted, inspired and as promised transformed.
— Marjie Eakin-Petty