Who I am NOT!

robert and jani

Every once in a while I need to be recharged, to be inspired a new, to reconnect with my tribe and to step out of the rat race and into the "human" one.

Spending five days in San Diego with Dr Robert Holden, his Coaching Success workshop, and being immersed in a loving conscious community, successfully accomplished all of that and more.

 Robert Holden was all about having "a conversation", posing challenging inquiries, and deliciously entertaining us. We welcomed new perspectives and refocused ourselves to a more engaging presence.

 So much of what Robert shared was familiar to me. I recognized the truth in his instruction and his stories. I was reminded of what I know, yet had forgotten. I felt encouraged to shed my coat of armor to don a cape of courage!

"Success....is knowing who you are." ~ Robert Holden

Knowing who we are is rediscovering our "unconditioned selves". It's about reconnecting with our real selves, our original potential, our spiritual essence, that true nature that existed before we identified ourselves by outer words and others' criteria.

 We mostly live our lives as our "learned selves" seeing the world through the perception lens of our self image. Our self image is a shadow of ourselves, our Ego, a conglomerate of how others have defined us, our acquired beliefs and our own self judgement.

 I thought about the ways I still limit myself and the occasional punishing language or messages of self-doubt that can surface. I thought about the way I feel every time I deny my intuitive voice and make choices and decisions that do not serve me. I thought about the times I get derailed from my goal and spiral off my path in distraction. Then I thought about how I feel whenever I'm aligned with my false self of . . .who I am not! 

And then Robert invited us to ask ourselves this question:

"What's it like to be me when I'm not playing the role?"