The Ease of Celebration

To analyze the charms of flowers is like dissecting music; it is one of the things which is far better to enjoy, than to attempt to fully understand.
— Henry Theodore Tuckerman

Life is meant to to be enjoyed and the real gifts come to us every day without asking. To be able to just receive and enjoy the experience is truly the intention of the giver, Mother Earth.

The month of May is considered to be the last month of spring. It carries the expression of possibility. For me, May is the month when I acknowledge the biggest anniversaries of my Life. 

First there is Mother’s Day and then my birthday which I have shared with my father in law the past 31 years. 

Next is my sobriety birthday on the 19th, Memorial Day, and Bryan’s & my wedding anniversary, May 31st.

Sprinkled in through these very important dates are the birthdays of my niece, my nephew, and several of my dearest friends. 

With so many wonderful anniversaries to celebrate in May, what could be my problem?

Rather than experiencing joy in each celebration, there have been times when I just geared myself up to survive these activities. With so much to celebrate, my joy got lost in the commotion. 

Stuck in the overwhelm of projection, I jettisoned myself from being present and able to experience the joy of the celebrating.

This May I am letting go of needing to analyze the complexity and intensity of each day.

By starting each morning centered in meditation I am able to embrace the activities ahead of me with a patient and relaxed mind. This frees me to fully experience Life and celebrate my gifts in the present moment. 


What Celebration could you give yourself permission to simply enjoy?