The Art of Acknowledgment

Nothing builds self-esteem & self-confidence like accomplishment.
— Thomas Carlyle

Most of us massively produce all day long. We complete multiple tasks & manage to juggle our endless responsibilities. We continuously revise our schedules in an effort to make progress at attaining our goals.  

We’ve become masters on the path of human doing-ness  and cleverly strive to squeeze into each moment ~ our best performance.

It is an intensive exercise of generating more and keeping up the pace.

Yet at the end of the day, despite what we might have accomplished, do any of us really celebrate ourselves for a job well done or a great day lived?

Accomplishment is not enough! For us to experience joy & fulfillment with ourselves and in our lives, we must develop a consistent practice of something else.

We must learn the art of acknowledgment. We must practice giving attention to and deeming value for “whatever it is” that we’ve accomplished. 

Learning to slow down to assess the mini milestones of our lives is about choosing a direction for our focus. Could we recognize & praise ourselves rather than dismiss as unworthy?

Accomplishment alone does not change how we feel about ourselves & our capabilities.  It is what we think & how we feel about our accomplishment that fuels our self esteem. It is this that empowers our trust and confidence to take the next right step.

Ponder This:

What are three personal accomplishments you are now willing to acknowledge?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.