LOVE - Our Planetary Connection!


Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th, 2014.  It also happens to be my 60th birthday; a great day for a double Celebration of Life!

This past month, the Mothers of two of my dearest friends have made their transitions.  My own Mother left this life abruptly ~almost two and a half years ago.  And although I am a Mother myself, it is my Mother who I long for, honor and cherish this weekend!

This Mother's Day, 

I choose to honor the gift of Life! 

I acknowledge the great contribution all Mother's make to our world. 

I celebrate Mother Earth herself ~ abundantly, unconditionally expressing herself,  as Love. a river ~ unharnessed flowing freely, ever ready to seek the path of least resistance.  As a rock along its bank, I hold true to the steady trials and the confrontation of the independent, non-biased power of its will.

Lapping along the edge, remaining constantly suspended, I acknowledge my flexibility, my willingness to ride in tandem in the direction of its choosing.

Peace. . . the absence of struggle ~ the silent sound, vibrating, expressing, celebrating the now moment.

I am at home in nature; in the rumblings of an impending storm, the symphony song of birds chirping, winged bug buzzing, water rushing.

Observe the demonstration of our invisible conductor's rhythm ~ commanding obedience ~ while praising each instrument, effortlessly blending, uniting into one heart. . . Mother Earth.