FOCUS is a Personal Choice

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 "When you direct your thoughts toward good, 
you attract positive experiences
and people into your life;
but when you focus on 
what isn't working,
you create even more challenging situations."
  ~Denise Linn

March is our month to focus on. . . Focus!  I have been diligently focused on expanding, refreshing, and rebranding myself in my present transformational journey.  Life is; more is revealed, and daily I get to choose which direction to take and what attitude to contribute.

Watch for my new website and Celebrate Blog format launching later this month.   I am very excited to share with you my evolved vision of who I am, what I am passionate about and how I might empower you to reconnect with your best self and claim your freedom.

Whatever we focus on, expands. Look at the direction of your focus. Are you choosing to concentrate your attention, energy, and time on what you want in your Life?  Or have you been focusing on the negatives, the lack, or what's wrong with a situation, a relationship, or yourself?

We create or manifest whatever we focus on. Our freedom lies in our power to choose our focus.  Focus is a personal choice. 

Take a moment to look at your Life. Choose one aspect that has been challenging or disappointing.  In this situation or relationship, where is the direction of your focus? What do you continue to hold in place by focusing on it?  What thoughts and dialogue continue to attract more of itself to your present experience?

Why not exercise your power to shift your focus? - Make a conscious choice to center your interest on what you want. Concentrate and pay particular attention to it. Give whatever it is that you want more of in your Life; permission to reveal itself further and to expand!

It could be that simple!