Empowered Alignment

Nicoles Lake Reflections

"Once you remember who you are and once you deliberately reach for thoughts that hold you in vibrational alignment with who you are, your world will also fall into alignment ~ and Well-Being will show itself to you in all areas of your Life experience."

~ Abraham / Hicks

Remembering who you are can be as simple as letting go of who you are not.  Hmm, now what does that mean exactly? 

It is a matter of focus. We deliberately choose to focus within, engage in internal dialogue, listen for clarity and guidance from our inner voice, and then take action that “feels right” organically.

When we slow down to focus on being present we can hear our unique Spiritual voice. We are directed to take new right action and to trust ourselves in the process.

Every time we make a discovery about ourselves we are empowered. Each time we accept, rather than resist, we experience freedom.  There's nothing more fascinating than reconnecting with who you really are and manifesting from this source of truth ~ a Life of love and purpose.  

One thing I know from my own experience is this:  Whenever I turn my attention, thoughts, and actions away from myself and on to others and the external world, I lose my connection to self. I then stop making choices that nurture and love ME!  

When I experience feeling lonely, sad, or overwhelmed, I know I have moved away from the present - drowning in the woes of my past or frantically trying to control the future.

It is an old, familiar, deceptive technique of my Ego that creeps up on me and pounces ferociously on my psyche. Luckily, I have tools to help me realign my healthy focus of loving and accepting myself. 

The most effective and simple tool that helps me is deep,  Conscious Breathing. This allows the Ego energy to dissipate, opening us up to mend our connection to Soul. 

Stop right now! Take 3 slow, deep, and exaggerated breaths.

Think of your Conscious Breath as the” breezeway" between your head and heart. Breathing always fuels the heart, our highest self, and the truth of who we are.

As you re-engage in your inner dialogue, you become free to make choices and take action that are in alignment with your true nature. Next time you feel lost within yourself, take 3 Conscious Breaths to reconnect with your Soul.

In seeking a centered Self, you find alignment in your world!


What is one trigger you experience where stopping to consciously breathe could support you to feel empowered?

Share your trigger in the comment section below.