Our Healing Prana

Your healing and happiness are your gifts to your family, to your friends, and to the world.
— Robert Holden

During the month of February we are preoccupied with Love. Thinking about it, expressing it, desiring it, perhaps missing it.  February’s holiday, Valentines Day even claims our most popular icon, the Heart.

We often find ourselves giving to others monetary gifts to express the love we feel in our hearts.  It is a time too, where we may acknowledge an opportunity to practice receiving and allowing ourselves & others to bask in the present of presence.  The gift of our time, our talents, our touch, our Being with another are the true treasures of celebrating this month of Love.

What about the gifts we really desire for & from our loved ones? What is everlasting in the treasure we experience when our loved ones are healthy and happy?

As Robert Holden shares, these are the true gifts we have to offer others.

The single most effective tool I have discovered for achieving that place of abundant giving is . .breathing.

There are many methods & practices of breathing embraced by different communities & particular paths of study. We have the Yoga breath, the Pilates breath, the “birth-giving” breath, the breath best used for runners, & the breath of our Spirit that is last to leave our bodies.

I have discovered a specific breathing practice that absolutely re-centers & grounds me to the present moment.  It is the same practiced breathing that opens the conduit from my inner wisdom to my expression in the outer world.  It enables me to identify the negative feelings I’ve been suppressing for years & provides a vessel for these energies to dissipate & escape from my body.  

Those who have worked with me know I call my specific way of mindful and deliberate breathing, Exaggerated Breathing. It has always been my nature to embellish on a good thing.  

It is this same practiced Breathing that relaxes me when activated, gives me pause when agitated, frees me up to recognize my moment of choice.

This way of breathing anchors me to my source, expands my experience of joy, & partners with me to celebrate life.

Exaggerated Breathing

Step 1 ~ Take a long deep inhale through your nose

Step 2 ~ Pause with the awareness of your inhale expanding your body

Step 3 ~ Exhale through your open mouth allowing your body to release

Sometimes one good breath will do it. And if not, repeat as necessary.

Our Fog is Temporary

Jani McCarty Promise Clouds

“Being human, we all have fogs roll in around our heart, and often our lives depend on the quiet courage to wait for them to clear.”

~Mark Nepo,The Book of Awakening

This past August was a difficult month for me as I acknowledged the dates of my parents anniversary and that of my Mother’s physical death. I found myself held captive in a murky sense of separation. 

It reminded me of times when driving in a fog, knowing it is too dangerous not to move, yet terrified of blindly moving forward.

My fog rolled in as a bite of grief, a snapping turtle, unexpected, quick, and sharp. Like a shroud, it laid heavy around me, in me, tethering me to my thoughts, my memories, and the ache of loss.

Without clarity of sight or the confidence that comes from movement, the world closed slowly in, until there was little space left but me.

I found myself in forced recluse ~ suffocating, suspended in time and abandoned of direction.  Alone, feeling scared, and trapped, yet too exhausted to fight.

Once in awhile, I’d glimpse a small patch of sky from a thinning hole in the fog. It was these offerings of sanity that held me up and gave me promise of a clearing.

And then after what seemed to span lifetimes, I surrendered. Now willing to experience new truths and depleted of fear, I was open to acceptance.

Slowly the fog dissipated.  And as the path lightened and my way was revealed, I bravely stepped forward…

Ponder This:

How has a fog in your Life forced you to be open and surrender to your new path?

If you choose, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.