A New World

Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive; and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born!
— Anais Nin

I believe people come into our lives on purpose. They cross our paths with purpose. Each brings something for us ~ some lesson or opportunity to crack open something new within us. 

Our six month Soul Sisters Journey comes to an end this month. We meet one last time during the warmth of June to acknowledge the journey we’ve traveled together and the rich gifts we’ve received because of our collective contribution.

When we began in frigid January, most of us were strangers or at most casual acquaintances. Yet through personal inquiry, reflection, and our commitment to show up for each other we’ve developed a bond and an expansive perspective of our experience.

Like the relationships developed with our Soul Sisters, our friends in life open us up to a new journey.  

Sometimes their contribution appears challenging, making us feel uncomfortable and skeptical of their intention. Their very presence in our lives threatens our complacency and forces us to move off our familiar center.

Most friends travel with us through specific phases of our lives providing companionship and a shared measuring stick. Our cherished friends shower lavish gifts upon us in the form of connections, directions, instruction or support. 

Our world expands with new insights and beckons us to courageously move forward seeing deeper than ever before.

Long after our tandem journey is complete the memories and lessons they instilled in us remain. In hindsight we often see how powerful and productive we’ve become in this new world they revealed to us.

Ponder This:

What new world awakened within you that came from a journey with your friend?