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Since 2009, Jani has focused on teaching, coaching, and partnering with others in their transformational journeys. She is a Transformational Life Coach®, Heal Your Life© Coach, successful entrepreneur, and celebrates over 30 years of personal recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

She believes by virtue of living, we are given the opportunity to define ourselves, to make our own choices, and to take action that truly determines the direction and quality of our lives.

When we take ownership, are accountable, and take personal responsibility, we reconnect with our unique purpose and clarify the sole contribution we came here to make!


Jani McCarty is a transformational teacher, author, speaker and coach. Her genuine interest and compassionate presence have a way of making you feel good about yourself.

She generously shares the wisdom that comes from over 35 years of her own transformational journey to help you remember the truth of who you are. By offering profound insights through intuitive reflection, she guides you to reconnect with your path, power, and purpose.

Her Claim Your Freedom structured process inspires you to reach deep within to - ILLUMINATE sabotaging behaviors, LIBERATE the constraints of negative thinking, and CELEBRATE Life’s abundance as your highest Self.


The truth is we are never alone on our journey.
We are blessed with teachers, mentors, and guides who extend their hand in leadership and encouragement along our way.  

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Jani lives in the foothills of Evergreen, CO with her husband Bryan and their dog Charlie. She celebrates Life with family and friends, communing with nature and journeying with the spirit of her horse, Peanut Butter.