My Specialties

  • Illuminate - I inspire you to be willing to look at old things in a new way; to make choices to uncover and discover what you have been running from or holding hostage and to experience loving acceptance of your old non- serving energies.

  • Liberate - I teach you concepts and techniques to effectively process and release your suppressed feelings, needy energies, and limiting beliefs, freeing you up to move forward in your desired ways of being.
  • Celebrate - I partner with you to acknowledge and honor your accomplishments, victories and changes as you confidently step into the joy and promise of your unlimited possibilities. 


I am fascinated with transformation and the personal journey inward towards self discovery. My passion is helping others to reconnect with their true self where they consciously live their Life’s purpose. With compassion and intuition, I engage the experience and wisdom of my own transformational journey to inspire and encourage my clients to become their greatest self.

We are given guides and mentors to accompany us in Life. When we are open to receive and willing to take action, we learn to connect with our inner wisdom and manifest rewarding and purposeful lives. Ultimately, the quality of our lives depend upon taking personal responsibility and living in a state of gratitude.

As a Colorado native and a University of Northern Colorado graduate, I earned degrees in Communications, Sociology, and Psychology.

In the mid 1970’s while teaching theories of self-actualization and self- fulfilling prophecy, I recognized the profound affect our thoughts and feelings can have on manifesting our own reality. This awareness contributed to my initial focus and dedication to self-discovery and personal transformation.

Since May1988, I have been clean and sober. I continue to celebrate my successful recovery by a daily practice of self awareness, responsible action, love and acceptance. I teach these same practices to ignite and fuel awareness and success for my clients. 


My early mentors include New Thought teachers Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Leo Buscaglia, John Bradshaw, and psychologist Carl Jung. The life teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Mother Teresa have also contributed dramatically to my love, acceptance and compassion for others. 

Since 2009, my path continues to be inspired and expanded by Dr. Maria Nemeth, Academy for Coaching Excellence, Dale Halaway, Seminars That Inspire, creator of the TransCovery Process®, the Mentor Coach Foundations Program, and Dr Judith Landau, Linking Human Systems, Certified ARISE Interventionist.

In February 2013, I reconnected with Louise L Hay, and as a result pursued and completed training programs based on her philosophy to become both a Licensed Heal Your Life® Teacher and Certified Life Coach.

Currently I am growing with my favorite teachers/authors Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Robert Holden, Brene Brown and Mark Nepo.

Of all those who have inspired, led and empowered me, the most significant Life teachers have been my own parents.  They lived with personal integrity, embraced each other, and demonstrated their genuine interest, generosity, and love for others. They continue to inspire me to live each day to it's fullest and help others to become and celebrate their greatest selves.

I am grateful to live in Evergreen, Colorado with my husband Bryan and our mini labradoodle, Charlie.  Our daughter Hannah, time spent with my horse, Peanutbutter, hiking in nature or grinding in Zumba class, fill me with joy and remind me to be present and grateful.  Most mornings, I wake up feeling enthusiastic and excited about a new day.  I am inspired by my many blessings of good health, loving family, and caring friends.

Here's to living your greatest self! 

- Jani McCarty